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Imtiaz follows his father’s singing footsteps

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Aubrey Thom Vakhani

“Like father like son,” so goes an adage. This adage suits one of the country’s celebrated Muslim singers, Kadhaf Ahmad Pilo whose son [Imtiaz Ahmad Pilo] is following his father’s singing footsteps.
Speaking in an interview, senior Pilo said he used to carry  his son when he was working on songs in his studio.

“My studio was within my house. He was learning things by seeing how I was doing and when he started speaking he used to tell me “ndiimbe nawo.” So the first time he appeared in one of my songs, it was when I recorded  “Mtima Umabisa” in which he just did an introduction words of the song “Mtima Umabisa”. That was when he showed interest in singing,” said Pilo.
He said he wrote first song titled “Bwanji Kusilira?” for the young Pilo in 2013 and produced its video in 2015.
“Later, I also wrote another song for him tittled “Kalima Tawheed” in which his young brother Izian also featured. Now I have also produced another one for him tittled ‘Kitab Llah’ featuring  Izian, his sister Imtihaal and his cousin Maasha. In total, he has recorded three nasheeds” said the father.
 In a bid to prevent his nine year old son from wasting his study time, Pilo writes songs and train his Standard Five son before recordings.

Ahmad Pilo

“I don’t allow him to write songs. I always tell him that he will sing when I  need him to do so so that he shouldn’t waste his study time with nasheeds. I always keep him engaged in reading The Holy Qur’an and some other books. I also tell him that he must never take singing as a career but for fun and as a tool for dawah (propagating Islam).  I have never given him a chance to write a song on his own. I only write for him and train him,” said Pilo who is the former president for Muslim Artists Association (Maas).

He added:  “My biggest aim in singing is to deliver the message of Islam using my art in singing. I found it possible to deliver educational messages to Muslim kids using my son. When his fellow kids admire him they will go to madrassah (Islamic study centres) to become like him. In so doing, I am helping the kids to learn about Islam so that they should be useful citizens in future.”

Pilo has four albums namely Shukuran (2009), Afushu S-salaam (2011), Rahma from Allah (2014) and Maluwa (2016).
He has just finished recording his fifth album titled Patience which he released some  of its songs like Lucky Me (love song) and Chisankho Changa among others. The album will be released this year.

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