MHRRC,DCN partners implementing Governance Projects in Dowa

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By: Brino Kayanga Mwale.

Pic: MHRRC’s project officer, Chimwemwe Sakunda…. the final beneficiaries will be vulnerable and marginalised groups

The Malawi Human Rights Resource Center ( MHRRC) in partnership with other Danish Church Aid ( DCA) partners under the DCA programme will implement _ Enhancing Citizen Voice and Action in Local Governance and Development processes project in Ntchisi and Dowa districts. 

The project which will run for two years to 2021 is the  Up Scaling of DCA which was previously been implemented in Chitipa and Dowa districts from 2017_2018. 

In Ntchisi, the project will be implemented in the areas of T/As Chilooko and Kalumo while in Dowa, in the areas of T/As Chiwere and Kayembe where the previous project was successfully implemented. 

Speaking during a District executive council committee meeting held at the Dowa boma, MHRRC’s project officer, Chimwemwe Sakunda, said the new project in Dowa and Ntchisi will target sectors such as Agriculture, Environment and Water for the right to food and reproductive resources e.g. land, courts and police, for access to justice and gender, in decision making positions at all levels.

Sakunda said the project will target ward councilors, Area and Village Development committees, Area Executives, Health Advisory Committees and Community Based Organisations networks for the intended outcomes to be achieved. 

She said the final beneficiaries of the project will be vulnerable and marginalised groups including women and girls, people with disabilities, people living with Hiv/Aids, the ultra poor, people with albinism and those living in hard to reach areas with limited or no access to health services. 

The officer said the project has a goal of contributing towards accessible quality social service delivery through increased representation of women, youths in leadership and that women and youths have increased incomes and access productive resources. 

She said the project will see women and youths participate and are represented in local governance and political decision processes, women and youths have increased access to and control over productive resources and have their incomes increased. 

Sakunda said the project will also see DCA partners have enhanced institutional service charters in consultation with rights and duty bearers and citizen demand for accessible quality social services in Ntchisi and Dowa districts. 

She said the main activities of the MHRRC in the project will be to advocate and lobby for women access to social services and reproductive resources and women economic empowerment,  and  participation of women and youths in policies and local governance structures. 

The project in Ntchisi and Dowa will be implemented in partnership with Christian Service Committee and CCJP_ Lilongwe, sharing some activities with WORLEC and SPORADETA as supporting partners at a total budget of Mk350,491,779.58. From this amount, Mk121,570,734.47 will be pumped in, for year one.

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