Mwaungulu launches manifesto, endorses former MZ City mayor Mkandawire for MP

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By Aubrey Thom Vakhani

Mwaungulu speaking to people during his campaign and manifesto launch

Independent shadow councillor for Chibavi West Ward in Mzuzu City, Gabriel Mwaungulu on Friday afternoon launched his campaign as well as manifesto.

Speaking during the launch, Mwaungulu asked people in the ward to vote for him on 21 May so that he should continue development projects he was implementing for the past five years when he served as councillor for Chibavi West Ward.

“The past five years I was  councillor for this ward, it was time for me to plan for some projects. From 2019 onwards, it will be time for me to implement the projects. If you will vote for someone else apart from me, know that the projects will not be implemented. I hold the key for those projects,” said Mwaungulu.

Endorsed by Mwaungulu: Mkandawire

He added: “I am happy to launch my manifesto. Some programs  in my manifesto are just the same with those I used in 2014. Some projects have been implemented while others have not been implemented. I will make sure that once people of Chibavi West Ward vote for me, the said projects will be implemented. I hope that I represented you well at the city council.”

Mwaungulu emphasised that he will construct new primary school within the Chibavi West Ward.

“Our school going children attend classes at either Katoto or Chibavi Primary schools  even Mchengautuba. Plans are there to construct a primary school in this ward. The government of Malawi approved this project and I was told that three class blocks were supposed to be constructed for a start. The site was inspected and we were advised that the place was prone to floods that is why I implemented a project of improving drainage system to make sure that the site is safe in as far as floods are concerned. I strongly believe that the school will be constructed,” said said Mwaungulu.

During the manifesto launch, Mwaungulu endorsed former Mzuzu City mayor William Fyopo Mkandawire who is contesting as an independent Member of Parliament for Mzuzu City Constituency.

“William [Fyopo Mkandawire] is a humble and hardworking man. During my tenure of office as councillor for this ward, he was instrumental to some projects. Under his leadership, Mzuzu has developed in terms of road networks. Therefore, I am asking you all here that come 21 May, vote for him as MP for Mzuzu City Constituency and I believe that Mzuzu will never be the same and you will never regret voting for him as MP,” he pleaded.

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