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Women, Youth partipate in Chewalism in Kasungu


By: Brino Kayanga Mwale.

The Bwalo La Achewa Foundation ( BOLA _ CEFO), has hailed women and youths in Kasungu for participating in the firstever Chewalism activities and programmes for the grouping. 

The grouping said the Chewas are now united and focused in their quest for promoting their goals and aspirations of preserving the Chewa culture which has been seen growing day by day. 

It said women and youths comprise a bigger percentage of the country’s population hence a great need to provide them a chance of taking part in decision making positions and policies affecting the Chewa society. 

The conference meetings was also patronised by Chewa chiefs who are the custodian of the land, as they did not let the youths and women deliberating by  themselves but showing solidarity that they are part and parcel of the Bwalo La Achewa activities and programmes  progressing everyday since the grouping was registered on 18th April, 2018. 

Bwalo La Achewa Foundation, Executive Director, Reverend Flywell Somanje, described the turn up of women and youths in their large number as bringing confidence that the Chewas are one beside called other tribal names such as a Chikunda, a Mang’anja and a Nyanja. 

Rev. Somanje expressed hope that those Chewas who still are in doubts over the existence of the grouping are now making informed decision of joining it in achieving its objective of uniting all the Chewas in Malawi.

He said lessons learnt from the two conference meetings in Kasungu will guide them in Dowa, Salima, Nkhotakota and other districts where the grouping is expected to hold similar conference meetings in the near future. 

The Reverend said according to the secretariat plan, a fixed number of delegates were invited to attend the conference meetings but the turn up exceeded higher than expected, giving hope that many Chewas are in support of the grouping to reach out to all the Chewas in Malawi. 

He assured the Chewas that Bwalo La Achewa is here to stay for all the Chewas living in Malawi under His Royal Highness, paramount Chief, Dr. Lundu of Chikwawa, appealing to them not to listen to the Chewas who are working day and night derailing the activities and programmes of the grouping not to achieve its intended outcomes. 

Director of Women Affairs, Village headwoman Kanyambo of Nkhotakota and Senior Chief Kaluluma of Kasungu graced the conference meetings held at Nkhamenya trading centre in Kasungu.

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