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Omar geared to develop Chibavi East Ward

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By Aubrey Thom Vakhani

Freedom Party (PF) shadow councillor for Chibavi East Ward in Mzuzu City, Mussa Ali Omar has asked electorates in the ward to vote for him to develop the area since he is a developmental conscience person.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with this reporter, Omar said in the past elections, people were making mistakes by choosing people who have failed to develop Chibavi East Ward.

“People were voting for a person based on political party the candidate represented forgetting that it is a person who brings development and not a particular party,” said Omar.

He further said he has various projects he intends to implement within the next five years after assuming office.

“People of Chibavi East Ward lack a clinic. Therefore, I will make sure that there is one in the area which will among other things  help to decongest Mapale Health Centre. There is a site readily available [near Chibavi Primary School] where a well established clinic will be constructed replacing the current structure there,” said the PF shadow councillor.

He added: “I will make sure that all road networks around Chibavi East Ward are upgraded some with tarmac as well as street lights which will be functioning and not just like decorations.”

On security, Omar said he will make sure that Chibavi East Ward is secure by among other things opening a police unit which will be working hand in hand with members of community policing within the ward.

He also said that he will make sure that a community hall is constructed in the ward where people will be holding various activities and in the process generating revenue for some developments.

Quizzed on how he will implement the proposed projects, Omar said, “I am a result oriented person.  Previously,I have positively delivered in whatever I have been  doing. I will make sure that I  work with a development committee comprised of members with various skills as well as members from different religious affiliations including block leaders,” he explained.

Omar said so far, he has already started empowering women by teaching them how to make soap, sausages, candles and pizza so that they are financially independent. He said he will continue with such programs so that it reaches more women.

On youths development, he said that he will liaise with The Technical Entrepreneurship and Vocational Training Authority (TEVET) which will be awarding certificates to the youths after completing different courses which the youths will be his brainchild program. He mentioned courses like computing, carpentry, drawing and others just to mention a few.

“Again on youth program, I intend to construct a youth centre where the youths will be sharing various life changing ideas for their benefit. I have long term programs aimed at empowering the youths,” hinted Omar.

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