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DPP Supporters In Nsanje On Rampage: Hunt, Beat Up MCP Supporters Throughout The Night

By Leo Mkhuwala

Political violence in Nsanje Central Constituency wore the face of darkness when on Saturday night, scores of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadets and supporters went on rampage, moving door to door causing mayhem and in the process beating up Malawi Congress Party (MCP) supporters.

Sources have told this publication that, hell from the blue camp broke loose after the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) had announced the parliamentary official results declaring the incumbent DPP legislator, Francis Kantsaira as winner.

In an interview, Kaffa Mandevana who contested in the area’s parliamentary elections on MCP ticket said: “In a violent celebration, the DPP supporters went house to house, chanting campaigns songs, breaking doors, smashing windows, catching and beating MCP supporters and in the process, wounding and destroying houses and other household property.”

Mandivana, who after the May 21 polls had lodged a complaint to MEC disputing the outcome of the results in the wake of many irregularities and is pressing for a votes recount, said, the DPP supporters had also targeted his house but escaped the deadly attack as he had spent the night in a secure place after he had sensed lapse of security amid increased political tension.

“They hurled stones at my house and destroyed my property but they afterwards left the moment they discovered that I was not inside the house,” said Mandevana.

According to Mandivana the matter has been since reported to the area’s Tengani Police Unit.

When contacted, Nsanje Police Public Relations Officer, Agness Zalakoma said, she needs more time to gather details as the incident was first reported at its unit at Tengani.

The 2019 Elections related violence has since been registered in Dowa and Lilongwe districts.

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