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Celebrate In Humility Without Causing Pain To Losers, DPP MP Dennis Namachekecha Urge Supporters In Victory Message

By Thom Mlangali, MFN Staff Writer

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Parliamentary candidate in Phalombe North East Constituency who emerged winner in the May 21 Tripartite Elections, Dennis Biscuit Namachekecha Phiri, has urged his supporters to celebrate victory in humility without causing pain to the losers.

In his victory message, Namachekecha who has bounced back to embrace his second term said: “Let everyone who belongs to the winning team of DPP powerhouse celebrate in humility without causing pain to the losers, although some of them are bad losers.”

In the term “bad losers” Namachekecha was referring to the two of his competitors whom he also described as “bad competitors”.

According to Namachekecha, the two had during campaign abused facility by spewing verbatim full of hate and slander.

He said, the two competitors had among other things flouted procedure as they could not follow electoral laws during campaign.

Still more, amid increased mudslinging on the campaign terrain, Namachekecha said his winning was so obvious as could see it coming.

He said, even though Swang’oma Ward was not his base but he expected to do pretty well, an anticipation which came to pass.

Recalling tough moments in Swang’oma Ward, Namachekecha said: “Campaign in that place was a bit difficult because some traditional leaders were busy inciting violence through instilling a negative ‘homeboy’ syndrome against me.”

He particularly recalled how a few months prior to the elections, on January 2, 2019 to be specific, the area’s Senior Chief had invited all his subordinate chiefs to a meeting, which was repeated on May 20, a day before the commencement of the elections.

During the meetings, the influential Chief advised his subordinates to vote for a particular candidate (not Namachekecha) just because the incumbent originates from Mauzi Ward.

Having won the elections, contrary to the bad wishes of the said Chief, Namachekecha tells his opponents to swallow their pride and eat a humble pie to accept the results and realize the fact that, there is always one winner in a race.

The legislator urge them to stop creating unfounded stories as he has convincingly won as their representative in the National Assembly for the next five years.

He also advice traditional leaders in the area to emancipated themselves from the snares of greed by stopping dividing people saying, “people must be voted based on their capabilities”.

On this note, Namachekecha says, it’s high time the constituency started electing MPs who can read and write for the good of the people.

The outspoken parliamentarian said: “I’m the MP for all the people whether they were supporting me or were against me. All I can say is, let us work together in order to develop Phalombe North East, because, collectively as a team, we shall overcome and achieve our goals.”

According to statistics as officially supplied by the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC), Mauzi Ward registered 11, 867 eligible voters while Swang’oma had entered 14, 128.

The overall voter turnout was 70.8 percent, which is 18, 404 against 25, 995 votes as 276 votes were ruled null and void, meaning that, 18,128 votes were regarded as valid.

In Mauzi Ward, the turn out was 7, 985 from which Namachekecha scooped 5, 248 votes while his next opponent, Fatsani Chakwana got 1, 293 votes.

In Swang’oma ward, the turn out was 6,473 from which Namachekecha got 2,190 while Chakwana got 4, 283 votes.

In overall score, Namachekecha scooped 7, 438 while his main opponent Chakwana trailed behind with 5, 576 votes.

In the area’s parliamentary race, 6 candidates who entered into the contest were as follows: Independent Candidates, Fatsani Aaron Chakwana and Jonas Douglas Thamanga; United Democratic Front (UDF), Douglas Kaminga; Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Benson Mwamvani; UTM, Patrick Diverson Rhodrick and DPP, Dennis Biscuit Namachekecha.

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