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Katawala breaks a two year silence, bounces back with Lonjezo album

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Aubrey Thom Vakhani

Katawala poses with his wife and daughter

Malawi’s renown Muslim singer Ishmael Katawala has released his latest and fourth album titled Lonjezo after a two year break.

Speaking in an interview, Katawala said his two year silence in music was dedicated to his studies.

“It’s been so long since I announced my break due to the studies I have been doing. Now I  am  done with what I was studying. In fact, I am happy to be called artist with Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship obtained at MCA (Malawi College of Accountancy). [And] I am pleased to announce again to my fans that I am back completely and they should expect  beautiful stuff,” said Katawala who is currently in the Republic Of South Africa (RSA) where he went to perform on this year’s Eid -ul- fitr celebrations as well as launching the new album.

He said the album tackles various messages amongst them the anti albino killings.

“The main message in [Lonjezo] is to caution people that we shouldn’t be making promises for the sake of promising. Some people make promises  with an aim of trying to end matters or just to please others without fulfilling the promises. We should know that Allah (God) will ask us if we fulfilled every promise we are making either it’s big or small. A promise is a promise and it is a credit.

“I have also included the issues of abduction and killings of people with albinism. Perpetrators who are involved in such ugly acts that it isn’t over after killing  albinos. They shouldn’t forget  that Allah is watching them and they  will be  answerable for the atrocities,” hinted Katawala.

Katawala like has featured  other artists in most songs in Lonjezo album.

“In this album, I have featured many artists and only three nasheeds (songs) I did alone but the rest had been featured by various artists most of them are budding artists. The aim is part of promoting the upcoming artists so that they should be recognised,” said Katawala who has other albums in his name which are Jannah Yanu, Ndidzamgwadira Allah and The Journey.

Behind every successful man there is  a woman, so is Katawala who has saluted his wife Hamida for her support and understanding.

“Let me thank my beautiful, loving and understanding wife for always  being there for me. I can conclude to say that I married the wife I had been  searching for because she understands my field, encourages me wherever she sees I am weak and allows me to travel around for shows even if it means she misses me a lot,” complimented the multi award winning Katawala whose family is blessed with a daughter named Reshma.

Songs making up the album are Jihad, Tisawaphe Alubino, Zakaat, Chinyamata, Nthawi, Kumwetulira, Msichi Zisanu, Imaan, Kwa Allah, Wachifundo, Deen & Dollars, Umasiye and the title track Lonjezo.

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