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Lulu Hits The Airwaves With “Undipweteka” Single

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By Leo Mkhuwala

Malawi’s upbeat Afro Jazz Music maestro, Lawrence Khwisa populary known as Lulu has bounced back into the airwaves he calls home with a melodious punch by releasing a brand new single, “undipweteka”.

According to the youthful artist, the single will be incorporated in his new album slated for release this year in early August.

In the single, as ever before, Lulu talks the beautiful and powerful language of love as he turns sentimental with matters of the heart.

The voice charged with talent extraordinaire rises in crescendos and decrescendos searching the unknown lover who is there waiting and yet can only be found through hunting and searching.

Talking to the unknown lover, Lulu sings through the chorus:

“Usabisale Dale undipweteka,
Misonzi yanga imathera mkati,
Kuturuka ndekha manyazi aah aaah
Nkhope ndilira sinnaione,
Koma mwina pena timakumana,
Penanso mwina kupatsana moni,
Dale wanga tangomasuka
Ineyo ndayetsetsa
Ndikulowa uchitsiru.”

“Don’t hide because u will hurt me,
My tears flow inwardly
I become shy
I haven’t seen the face
But maybe we meet sometimes
And sometimes
we greet, my darling
just reveal yourself
I have tried my level
Otherwise I’m getting foolish.”

Deep in the song, as the multitalented Lulu sings, his lyrics jostle into confession of lover willing to change for the better in the name of love when he says:

“Nkaona siketi kuima
Nkangowona buluku kuima
Undimasule mu chiwanda choyang’ana m’mbali
Ndikudziwitse siiwe woyamba kwa ine
Pofunafuna iwe ndayetsa angapo
Bwanji ukuchedwa
Ndikuopa undipeza nditatha Bebi.”

“I get crazy at the sight of skirt,
I get crazy when I see a trouser,
Get me loose from this bondage
Of being carried away by what I visualize,
I want you to know that you are not the first in life,
In my search for you I have bumped into several,
Why then are you taking too long to emerge,
I’m afraid you will find me in tatters.”

Now, after the matters of the heart have been told through the single hit, the ear that has followed Lulu’s sound from his early musical days when he released songs like “Magwiragwira” can simply appreciate that the artist Lulu is now musically extra matured like the slowly brewed wine.

For the first time listeners, they will find Lulu a music maestro who is worthy to be graded into the high ranks of accomplished composers, producers and performers.

So far, though not too late to say, the musical future for the Lilongwe based artist Lulu is so radiant with a thousand plus twinkling stars on cloudless night.

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