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FFFA Reports Mutharika to ICC

By: Vincent Gunde


The Forum For The Future of Africa ( FFFA), has reported ten prominent Malawians including President Professor Peter Mutharika to the International Criminal Court, African Court of Justice and International Court of Justice to be indicted for ” crimes against humanity “.

The ten, Nicholas Dausi, Dr. Heatherwick Ntaba, Rodney Jose, Charles Mchacha, Getrude Mutharika, Dr. George Chaponda, Kondwani Nankhumwa, and Ben Phiri are alleged to have committed several atrocities which demands the ICC to jet into the country to investigate their involvement in organised crime against humanity.
This is contained in an open letter signed by the Forum’s Founder and Director, Saunders Jumah, the Utopian in reference to the letter written and organised by the section of people whose allegiance is for the government that came into power through Tippex.

The FFFA is setting the record opposing the letter the parallel group of Malawi wrote implicating leaders of the HRDC and opposition MCP and UTM to face the long arm of the law for their involvement in organising mass demonstrations calling for the resignation of Mec Chairperson, Justice Dr. Mrs. Jane Ansah sc for mismanaging the May, 2019 Tripartite election’s results.

In the letter to the ICC, some human rights activists confronted the HRDC in anti_ Jane Ansah protests which turned violent as looting, destruction of property, human bodily injury were recorded including three loss of lives with the loss of property currently estimated to be hitting Mk5 billion.

The letter also implicate MCP President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and UTM President, Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima with their supporters for fueling the mass demonstrations organised by the HRDC.

The letter claims that some people of the border district, Mchinji, are being forced to seek refugee in neighbouring Zambia following the mass demonstrations which have sparked to all districts in Malawi.

However, social media reports are accusing the so called human rights activists of masquerading as human rights when in the actual fact, they are DPP supporters describing them as a bunch of traitors and betrayers.

The reports advise those behind the penning to the ICC that if they cannot defend, preserve, and uphold human rights as enshrined in the Republican Constitution which aims at protecting the vulnerable people from dictators, they should better shut up.

It says citizens will defend themselves as they are doing in the on-going demonstrations for electoral justice and peace saying Malawians do not need them to speak on their behalf to cheat the world that they are concerned.

The reports further says the activists in their letter have failed to report the notorious acts of DPP cadets harassing innocent and peaceful demonstrators, and police teargassing saying HRDC, MCP and UTM leadership have always been preaching for peace, and reconciliation, calling for the resignation of Mec Chairperson Justice Dr. Mrs. Jane Ansah sc.

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