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Mussa, Vuwa under fire over Chiradzulu east primaries

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Days are numbered for Chiradzulu East legislator Henry Mussa, where a DPP aspiring candidate Joseph Nomale is challenging results of primary elections, in which the incumbent legislator was fraudulently declared winner. Mussa faced an embarrassing loss after scores of members from the electoral colleges threw their weight behind newcomer Nomale. Nomale however claims he is the legitimate winner of the elections.

This week, Nomale’s supporters spoke against any plans by the party to hold a re-run in the constituency, saying they recognize Nomale as their legitimate DPP candidate for the constituency in this year’s elections.

The supporters, that included chiefs, had no kind words for Mussa, who is also Minister of Information and Communications Technology, for allegedly conniving with the presiding officer Vuwa Kaunda to rob Nomale of his deserved victory.

Henry Mussa lost primaries

“During the primary elections that were conducted at Nkhwayi Primary school, it was clear Nomale had carried the day because a lot of people were behind him” said Traditional leader Group Village  Mangwere. He further said “When Mussa saw that he had no people standing behind him, he left the venue before declaring himself winner through MBC and everyone in the constituency was surprised to hear this” narrated the chief while the people were chanting anti-Mussa songs.

Vuwa Kaunda under fire

The DPP supporters also want the party to discipline Vuwa Kaunda who was assigned to preside over the elections, accusing him of messing up the process. The angry supporters allege that Vuwa was bribed by Henry Mussa to mislead the public about the outcome of the election.  They also claim Vuwa did not come to preside over the election,  but rather to shove Mussa down their throats. “Why was Vuwa seen dancing, celebrating Mussa’s fake victory, if he was indeed a neutral person?” wondered one of the constituents. When contacted, Nomale simply said “those are people on the ground talking, lets respect them”

Mussa has all along described reports about his alleged loss as mere attempts by the Nomale camp to bring confusion in the constituency. “I won those elections fairly and squarely everyone in the area knows. Nomale can not defeat me, never. I repeat, I won the elections, and after that we had a party with my supporters to celebrate the victory and we are moving on” Mussa told one of the local radios recently. Kaunda was not immediately available for a comment.

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  1. Mussa is destroying democracy in the party

  2. Vuwa must fall

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