AFORD President Chihana Pens United Nation To Investigate On Plane Crash That Killed Vice President

Office of the President
13th June 2024
The Secretary General of the United Nations
Secretary-General António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres
Via Spokesman for the Secretary General
Dear Secretary-General, António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres
The Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) has received with shock, disbelief, and great sadness the news of
the passing of the Malawi Vice President Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima and the eight other distinguished
passengers on board the flight that was reportedly crashed in the Northern Region of Malawi, Mzimba
District, on 10th June 2024.
As a Malawian based Political Party, we take this tragedy as a matter of national concern for it involves a
highly politically risky person in the Vice President of Malawi. As AFORD, we therefore, on behalf of all
peace-loving Malawians, call upon the United Nations, SADC, and the AU to support in having a proper
closure on the accident with the following actions:

  1. The declaration of the plane crash site as a crime scene, and therefore, protected from
    contamination through internationally delegated military personnel.
  2. The SADC, AU, and international community to do a thorough forensic investigation into the
    events surrounding the plane crash and the death of Vice President Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima and
  3. An urgent constitution of an internationally managed process of the Commission of Inquiry that
    should form part of the information gathering related to Vice President Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima’s
    travel and other related arrangements.
    As AFORD, we feel obliged to call for the above urgent actions for Malawi is under a period of
    speculation on the events surrounding the death of Vice President Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima and the
    other distinguished eight passengers. As a peace abiding political Party, it is within our duty to support a
    process that hinges toward peace and prosperity for our beloved Malawi. Our call for a fully
    internationally supported and managed action as presented above, is key for the nation of Malawi to
    have full confidence of closure on the plane crash accident.
    The Alliance for Democracy (AFORD), its entire National Executive Committee, and all its structures in all
    Regions and Districts of Malawi, together with many peace-loving Malawians, fully support this call for
    urgent international community support. AFORD, through its delegated representatives, is open to avail
    itself of this internationally managed action with information on areas of concern surrounding the plane
    crash, the search operation, and how the communication to the nation was managed.
    We look forward to your response to our urgent call to action and assure you of our highest
    Yours Sincerely,
    Mr. Enoch Kamzingeni Chihana
    Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) President
    The President of the Republic of Malawi
    The United Nations Resident Coordinator Malawi
    The Chief Justice of Malawi
    The Speaker of the Malawi National Assembly
    The Chairperson of the African Union and all Heads of State
    The Chairperson of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights
    The Chairperson Southern Africa Development Community
    The Director of Amnesty International
    The Director of Human Rights Watch
    The Dean of the Diplomatic Corps
    The Ambassador of the United States of America – Malawi
    The European Ambassador- Malawi
    The British High Commissioner- Malawi
    The Norwegian Ambassador- Malawi
    The Germany Ambassador- Malawi
    The Chinese Ambassador- Malawi
    The Indian High Commissioner- Malawi
    United Transformation Movement (UTM)
    All Political Parties in Malawi
    Civil Society Organizations in Malawi
    Religious Community
    All International and local Media Houses

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