Appeal for Calm and Accurate Information in Wake of Tragedy by Comrade jumbe.

Fellow Malawians,

In these trying times, it is essential for all of us to remain calm and refrain from spreading false information. Our country is mourning the tragic loss of our Vice President, Saulos Klaus Chilima (SKC), and others who perished in the plane crash. This moment calls for unity and a collective commitment to truth.

We urge everyone to share only verified information. Misinformation can cause unnecessary panic and hinder the ongoing investigation. We have placed our trust in independent investigators to uncover the truth behind this tragedy. Information from government sources, including the Malawi Congress Party and President Chakwera, must be scrutinized carefully.

As citizens, we must be vigilant and patient, awaiting the findings from unbiased investigators. Once the full facts are known, we will take appropriate and necessary action as a united nation.

May the souls of SKC and all who lost their lives in the crash rest in eternal peace.Stay calm,

stay informed, and let us honor the departed by seeking truth and justice.

Thank you

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