Awilo Longomba’s Conduct Disappoints Lawi

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Malawi’s Afro Jazz artist Lawi, real name Francis Phiri, has expressed his disappointment with the conduct of Congolese soukous musician Awilo Longomba who was supposed to perform in Malawi tomorrow Saturday, April 29th, 2023 at BICC in Lilongwe.

According to information that Lawi has been sharing through his Facebook page, there is communication breakdown between him and Awilo as his team is failing to pick up calls which is a clear indication that Awilo is not coming to Malawi.

“In business integrity is everything, Malawi is a beautiful place, do not take advantage of our kindness and warm heart,” Lawi posted.

According to the artist, the show will proceed as arranged tomorrow night and he is ready to show Awilo that the young generation mean business.

“Tomorrow we will show you how we can do it on our own,” he said.

He has highlighted that part of the payment was already done last year as the Congolese soukous musician was supposed to come in Malawi end last year in December but he failed with money amounting to over K15 million kwacha already spent pending Awilo’s arrival.

“I have just been informed by my team that Awilo is in Nigeria maybe they have offered more than us,” Lawi highlighted.

He has then warned the legendary musician not to do the same to others though some information is indicating that he did the same in Namibia.

“I just hope there will be a way of fixing this because Malawians deserve more than an apology from Awilo,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Dr Namadingo, who was already in Malawi ( not to perform) but attend the show, has committed himself to perform alongside Lawi tomorrow.

“I will perform for free and I believe this is what God has arranged for two of us,” Namadingo told Lawi.

The two, are expected to release their new song as well they have collaborated tomorrow night.

They have both urged music fans in the country to come in large numbers and witness the show

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