Chakwera’s Silence On Fuel Crisis Suspicions

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Human Rights Defendance Coalition (HRDC) says is deeply troubled by President Lazarus Chakwera’s conspicuous silence on the fuel crisis the country is facing.

Its Chairperson Gift Trapence claims Chakwera lacks leadership as he is failing to provide explanations and re-assurance that the government is working tirelessly to resolve the situation.

Trapence describes the situation as alarming and unsettling; further questioning whether there is any executive or political leadership in place to address this pressing concern.

“The silence exhibited by the government towards this crisis, along with various other challenges facing our nation, is indeed a cause for concern.

“It is disheartening that amidst the long queues for fuel, the president and his cabinet have chosen to remain silent, causing anxiety among well-meaning Malawians,” decries Trapence.

He adds the repercussions of the fuel crisis are far-reaching as they have affected many businesses and calls on Chakwera and his government to take immediate and robust measures to resolve the fuel crisis.

Demands Trapence: “We urge government to communicate transparently with the nation, providing regular updates on their efforts to alleviate this crisis and mitigate its far-reaching consequences.”

Information Minister Moses Kunkuyu was not readily available for a comment but authorities keep blaming forex shortage for the prevailing

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