Chilima Is A Real Son–Joyce Banda

Former President Dr Joyce Banda has described the late Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima as a real son to her life who has done so much for her family through thick & thin.

While paying tribute to him, Dr. Banda brought in some old memories on how Dr Chilima used to be close to her family indicating that SKC grew up with her son in Blantyre.

“Tragedies such as the one our nation has witnessed this week are rare in Malawi,” Dr Banda opened her narration.

She highlighted that in 1981, seven people led by the CEO of Ethanol, Mr Salima, travelled to Mozambique for their board meeting and to sign agreements unfortunately, they crashed in Mozambique forest where no bodies were brought home.

“In 1983, five Ministers were abducted and slaughtered like chicken in Mwanza in the forest and I was old enough to witness those two tragic incidents and know how we sailed through as a nation,” Dr Banda said.

In her narration, the majority of the nine people that crashed in Chikangawa on Monday were familiar to her but the most painful for her is the death of Chilima who she has described as her son and her sister-in-law Shanil Patricia Dzimbiri.

“SKC grew up with my son Geof in Blantyre and also became good friends with my other children, to an extent that when Ambassador Roy was sick, SKC helped him seek help from the best doctors,” the crying mother said.

Further, she revealed that in February, 2022 Geof got seriously sick and it was SKC who lined expert doctors to take care of him, cared for him in the best way he could though his life was not saved but still more the late Chilima helped them together with others during that difficult period.

“Every time I see Geof’s friends, I am reminded of my son and weep for Geof but whenever, SKC came to visit me, the situation wasn’t different,” she explained.

Dr Banda then thanked the late Chilima’s wife, Mary, for what she has been in their lives, since Geof left them and urged her to stay calm as she indicated that Chilima tried so hard to check on them all the times.

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