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Dan Lu dismisses reports of Mombera University Lecturer

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By Vincent Gunde

Former President and DPP leader, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika…..paid Dan Lu for his music

On of Malawi’s celebrated music icon, Dan Lufani popularly known as ‘’Dan Lu’’ in music circles has dismissed reports which have been making rounds in various social media platforms that he was receiving monthly salaries as a Mombera University Lecturer during the reign of the DPP and its leader, former President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika.

Dan Lu was widely speculated to be one of the newly built on paper, Mombera University lecturer in the Northern Region of Malawi and has enjoyed perks of about K800,000 salaries per months from 2015 when the University was officially opened on paper.

Lufani was not alone benefiting from tax payers money, Sendera Women dancers and DPP cadets were on the DPP led government’s payrolls receiving salaries as teachers and police officers respectively, rewarded for rallying and supporting the DPP whole heartedly.
It was alleged that some of the DPP Party officials were receiving salaries as Judges during the six year reign of the DPP before it was ousted from power on 23rd June, 2020 and no wonder DPP was the wasteful Party Malawians have ever voted for since 1994.
Speaking in one of the interviews, Dan Lu said he composed a piece of song ‘’Tulani Pansi’’ to remind President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera of his promise to step down if he fails to deliver, saying now he has clocked two years in Government, Malawians are at pain, suffering and crying.

Lufani, a DPP staunch member, said he was being paid by the DPP led government for his job as a singer saying he has a certificate of singing and not that of a University lecturer challenging all those who have evidence that he was pocketing money as Mombera University lecturer to arrest and take him to court.
He said he is a Malawian, his song is not against the Government of President of Dr. Lazarus Chakwera saying just like all Malawians, they are crying against voting for a leader who has forgotten the people who elected him into power.

…..’’Cooking oil, Bread, Sugar, salt, transport have gone are going up at nobody’s care beyond the reach of the poor, this is not jealous of his Government but the truth,’’…..said Dan Lu.
Dan Lu’s words has put to rest all the speculations propelled in the social media that he has been arrested for the offence of receiving salaries for Mombera University as a lecturer.

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