Diaspora Supports Zikhale’s MCP 1st Veep Ambitions


Most Malawi Congress Party (MCP) members believe that the Homeland Security minister’s experience and leadership qualities make him a strong candidate for the position of 1st Deputy president of the party who will bring fresh ideas and a new perspective to the party, helping to strengthen its position in the upcoming elections.

Members from both; within Malawi and in the diaspora have demonstrated a strongly support for the candidacy of the Homeland Security minister, and are actively campaigning for his election to the position of MCP 1st Deputy president.

Speaking to this publication, a renowned book writer Allan Mandindi who is based in Manchester City in the United Kingdom expressed confidence that Zikhale has the vision and determination to help the party president Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera in his second term presidential bid at the party’s elective convention slated for the 8-10th August.

Mandindi said overall, there is a growing sense of excitement and enthusiasm among party members for the candidacy of the Homeland Security minister for 1st Deputy president believing that he is the right person to assist leading the party to success, hence willing to do whatever it takes to ensure his election to the position.

“As convention is drawing closer and nominations having started flying around many politicians will try to sell themselves as good men and women but once elected they are nowhere to be seen. This is a regular occurrence and to my fellow youths beware whom you support,” Mandindi said.

Mandindi further stated that the party still have good people out there like Hon Dr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma he has known for some years while in opposition being a seasoned politician who is full of surprises with his vast knowledge on Malawi politics and passion.

“Trust me, this is what drives change anywhere. Without passion it’s business as usual and this is the guy who has a lot to offer to the party and Malawi nation be it in opposition or in government he has always been reachable and very passionate about promoting young people and the diaspora,” he added.

He then stated that as the Manchester city diaspora team gives President Lazarus Chakwera support as he goes for the second term Ken Zikhale Ng’oma also deserves the same for the position of first Vice President.

A week ago, MCP Chairperson for the Convention Committee, Kezzie Msukwa clearly outlined the criterion for an MCP member to be eligible to contest for the National Executive Committee position to which Zikhale Ng’oma meets the need.

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