DPP advices people to register for national IDs

Reported by Emily Kaliwo

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has advised people in Chiradzulu District to register for the national Identification Cards for them to be in eligible to vote during next years tripartite elections.

DPP Regional Governor for the South, Thomson Kamangira made the remarks Monday at Nguludi Boys Primary School ground in Traditional Authority (TA) Likoswe where the party organized a mega rally with the intension to monitor Member of Parliaments (MPs) performance.

“We want to encourage all the youth who are above 16 years old to go and register for national IDs regardless of challenges they are facing in this country for them to have an opportunity to vote in the 2025 general elections, he said.

Kamangira added that without the ID nobody would be allowed to register in the voters roll and consequently denied the right to vote.

The Governor said it would be better if MPs would consider changing the constitution so that national IDs should not be the only document to allows a person to vote but also think of other items like the driver’s license or a letter from the chief, among others, to enable those who had no opportunity to register for the national ID to vote in such elections.

“Let me advise people gathered to remain in the party with their MP for them to be in a better position to change things in the country through their vote in 2025, Kamangira said.
Senior Chief Likoswe urged Malowa to report to President about the hunger situation that has affected his area.

“Food insecurity is the biggest challenge in my area. People are stranded as you aware that they came empty handed from their fields due to drought, he said.

In his remarks, Malowa thanked his constituents for working closely with him for the past 5 years.

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