Dr Saulos Chilima The Best 2025 Presidential Candidate

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The goal is to have a leader that has Malawians at heart. The person that has proved to have a vision for Malawi. We are not making any mistakes again.

  1. Let’s forget about being Chewa, Yao, Lhomwe, let’s think and vote as a Malawian. We can be Chewa yes, but if your are sleeping without eating, buying expensive food, you cannot afford Fertilizer bag, you cannot afford 50,000 maize Bag, why Vote a party just because you are chewable?

Our VOTE should be for Dr Chilima, Never been tested as President, Never tried. Gold will only be proved when it goes through the fire. he has been Vice president mistreated by his President’s, misused. Remember, Malawi’s constitution does not allow the Vice president to make any decision, he works at the mercy of the President, but the current president removed all his duties, he is not even a Minister. Let’s put him as President so he should be making the Decisions himself.

2025, let’s voted a combined vote. Let hate for right candidate not influence us

We VOTE for right Change, we vote for right candidate beyond the party.

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