Kalindo gives MRA 5 days to withdraw stickers payments

By Vincent Gunde

Political activist Bon Kalindo has given 5 days for the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) to withdraw its decision of putting stickers on every item imported into the country saying the decision is only aimed at milking vendors who already are suffering in their own country.

Kalindo has faulted the MRA wrong for effecting stickers decision without consulting business committees and vendors describing the action as a copy and paste of the MCP led government taking Malawians for granted.

He has encouraged vendors across the country particularly those who cross with their goods at Mloza, Mangochi, Dedza Karonga, Mchinji and Mwanza among other borders not sleep but to wake-up to organize themselves in unison and pay a surprise visit to MRA offices nearest them.

Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various social media platforms, Kalindo has challenged government that he is ready to be arrested as always as he has been sailing through claiming that he cannot be watching to see vendors being milked by government.

Kalindo has said that him being President of the poor people in Malawi, will not allow anyone to close his mouth as long as he is speaking justice encouraging vendors that time to tell government and MRA ‘NO” to stickers is now, MRA duty and MBS fee is enough.

“You cannot give the deadline of 1st August, 2024 to start confiscating goods without MRA stickers as if you have consulted with the business committees and vendors themselves, you have arrested me for enough and what remains is to kill me” he said.

The activist has also warned some Immigration officials planted by the MCP as agents to be reporting individuals as cadets working at the Department to stop this forthwith, claiming that he has names of these officers behind working as MCP agents.

He has further warned these officers that he will mobilize people to go into their respective residential houses to hold demonstrations against them saying what is happening at the Immigration Department, is a national concern.

Kalindo has finally appealed to the Malawi Police Service to arrest him in Lilongwe to Karonga or Mzuzu to see the prison and police cells in the northern region of Malawi noting with a great concern that he was arrested in Salima to Lilongwe and from Lilongwe to Dwangwa.

He observed that Hon. Kamlepo Kamlepo Kalua was arrested in Blantyre to Lilongwe and Reverend Gondwe of the Livingstonia CCAP Synod was arrested in Mzuzu to Lilongwe wondering why he is made to visit prisons and police cells of only in the southern and central regions of Malawi.

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