Malawians Caught Between Hard Rock And Hard Place, Malawi On ICU

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By Martha Kachingwe Phiri, LILONGWE

Governance expert, Wonderful Mkhutche believes Malawians are currently trapped between a hard rock and a hard place; arguing they are faced with an underperforming government and a weak opposition.

His comment comes after former president Peter Mutharika, who is also Democratic Progressive Party-DPP leader, told journalists in Mangochi that Chakwera should just step down for failing to run state affairs.

He bragged about having capable boys who could help the Tonse administration in recovering the ailing economy.

But Mkhutche doubts if the DPP is any better option.

“The problem is DPP looking at itself as an alternative. It is not looking at its grave failures when it was in power. Malawians are between a rock and a hard place. Even if Tonse Alliance leaves power, there is no viable option as of now,” he says.

Reacting to Mutharika, Information Minister Moses Kunkuyu says these calls smack of some desperation on the part of the former president.

“Allow me not to react to that..,” he said.

However, Economic Freedom Movement thinks Chakwera must address his indecisiveness on critical issues of national interest.

Its leader, Joseph Peshi further doubts if presidential advisors are helping the president and just enriching themselves for doing nothing at the expense of the hard-earned taxes.

In June this year, University of Malawi associate professor of political science Boniface Dulani said the 2025 polls would be choiceless elections.

He said: “In 2025, it could be an election which I could describe as choice-less election because you have people who are frustrated and feel let down by the Tonse Alliance, but might also be remembering that the DPP is not much of an option.

“Either people will stay away from the vote or that opens room for a third political party that could be a major player, one that doesn’t have the baggage of the Tonse Alliance or DPP. But, whichever case, there is higher likelihood that the 2025 polls will go into second round.”

Chakwera, then opposition leader, defeated Mutharika in a court sanctioned presidential poll in June 2020 having amassed 58.57 percent of the votes cast.

Malawi goes for another general election in September 2025.

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