Mutharika Hopes To Bounce Back Next Year


Former President Peter Mutharika sat in his study, a sombre expression etched on his face as he contemplated the state of the nation saying the once vibrant and promising country of Malawi has plunged into a state of despair under the ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP) government.

Mutharika, with a heavy heart decided that enough is enough, he could no longer sit idly by and watch as his fellow Malawians suffered at the hands of the Tonse Alliance government’s incompetence and corruption.

Addressing the nation on Friday through Zodiak Television from his Page House in Mangochi, the former Malawi leader said with a renewed sense of purpose, he declared his intention to contest in the 2025 presidential election, determined to bring about much-needed change to the country.

In what sounds to be a passionate speech, Mutharika spoke of his commitment to bailing out Malawians from the grip of starvation, acts of barbarism, and plunder that has become all too common under the current regime.

He also pointed out that the longer the MCP stayed in power, the more the people of Malawi suffered, he then vowed to put an end to their plight.

“MCP regime has become an anarchy of torture, violence and plunder. Neither the party secretariat nor president Chakwera responded to the letter we wrote them condemning all forms of violence and intimidation,” Mutharika said.

As the DPP president embarks on his campaign, he is likely to be met with both scepticism and hope from the citizens of Malawi with some doubts his ability to bring about real change, while others saw in him a beacon of hope for a brighter future considering the rate at which inflation and plunder have destabilised the country.

Undeterred by the challenges ahead, Mutharika pushed forward, fuelled by his unwavering belief in the resilience and strength of the Malawian people, his eyes seems set on the presidency once again, embarking on a journey to restore hope, dignity, and prosperity to a nation that has now been neglected.

As the September, 2025 election draws near, the people of Malawi seem to have found themselves at a crossroads, expected to choose to continue down the path of suffering and despair as Mutharika said, or would they dare to hope for a better tomorrow.

There is no immediate response from either the MCP or president Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera on Mutharika’s speech addressed which if properly analysed did not alter any good word about the current regime.

Cementing what Mutharika told the nation in his address, the DPP Spokesperson, Shaddreck Namalomba assured all those vying for any leadership position in the DPP to start getting prepared stressing that every position will be up for grabs at the convention, even that of the party president.

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