NWRA Commits To Construct Certified Boreholes

The National Water Resources Authority (NWRA) has reaffirmed its commitment to constructing certified boreholes as one way of safeguarding the environment and provision of safe water to the general populace

The remarks have been made as NWRA was handing over a borehole at kanyenda village under the theme “Corporate Social Responsibility: Caring for those who care for Watersheds”

In an interview with MIJ Online, James Mambulu, board chair for the national water resources authority said the organisation will continue constructing boreholes as one way of encouraging the tree planting and conservation as it plays a significant role preserving water bodies to the effects of climate change

He added, the organisation has set committees in different districts assigned to carry out the project of protecting the environment under the support of NRWA

Meanwhile the minister of mining Monica Chang’namuno has urged the populace to play a major role in protecting the environment and the boreholes as this ensures the health and safety of people.

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