Plane Crash Needs Three Separate Investigative Bodies

by Comrade jumbe

Imran Jumbe President of Chilungamo Party has literated that Plane crash Involving The Late Vice President Dr Saulos Chilima,We Need Three Separate Investigative Bodies

The tragic plane crash that claimed the life of Vice President Saulos Chilima has sent shockwaves through Malawi. In the wake of this devastating event, it is crucial to ensure a thorough and transparent investigation. For the sake of accountability and to honor the memory of Vice President Chilima.

Imran Jumbe

Jumbe said , Three separate investigative bodies should be established. This tripartite approach will provide comprehensive insights and prevent potential biases, ensuring that Malawians have full confidence in the findings.

1;Government-Sponsored Independent Investigation

The government has a critical role in ensuring national stability and transparency. An independent investigation, fully funded and championed by the government, is essential. This body should include international aviation experts, legal professionals, and representatives from civil society. By leveraging taxpayer funds, the government can demonstrate its commitment to uncovering the truth, irrespective of where it leads. While the Minister of Information has already committed to such an investigation, it is imperative that this initiative remains free from any political influence or interference.

2 Family-Appointed Independent Investigation.

The family of the late Vice President Saulos Chilima should have the right to appoint their own independent investigative team from abroad. This team would bring an unbiased, external perspective to the investigation, ensuring that no stone is left unturned. Given the family’s deep personal stake in uncovering the truth, their involvement is crucial. The government should allocate sufficient funds to support this independent effort, demonstrating respect for the family’s wishes and their quest for closure.

3 UTM-Established Investigative Team

The United Transformation Movement (UTM), the political party of Vice President Chilima, should also establish its own investigative team. This team should be comprised of experts chosen by the party, ensuring that their unique insights and concerns are addressed. Again, government funding should be provided to support this initiative. By involving the UTM, the investigation gains a critical layer of scrutiny, ensuring that all political dimensions and implications are thoroughly examined.

Benefits of a Tripartite Investigation Approach

The rationale for having three separate investigations is rooted in the principles of transparency and comprehensive accountability.

Here are the key benefits:

Diverse Perspectives:

Each investigative body will bring its own unique expertise and viewpoint, ensuring that all potential factors contributing to the crash are thoroughly examined.

Increased Public Trust:

When Malawians see multiple independent investigations taking place, their confidence in the process will increase. Transparency is key to maintaining public trust in such high-stakes situations.

Cross-Verification of Findings:

The outcomes from these three investigations can be compared and cross-verified, reducing the risk of errors or oversights. Any discrepancies can be analyzed and addressed, leading to a more accurate and holistic understanding of the incident.

Political Neutrality:

By not relying solely on a government-led investigation, potential political biases or conflicts of interest are mitigated. This ensures a more balanced and impartial approach to uncovering the truth.


The plane crash that claimed the life of Vice President Saulos Chilima is a national tragedy that demands a rigorous and transparent investigation. By establishing three separate investigative bodies—government-sponsored, family-appointed, and UTM-established—Malawi can ensure a comprehensive inquiry that honors the memory of Vice President Chilima and upholds the principles of justice and transparency. The government’s commitment to funding these investigations is a crucial step in this process, providing the necessary resources to uncover the truth and ensure that such a tragedy never occurs again.

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