Reflecting on 60 Years of Independence: What is There to Celebrate?

As we mark 60 years of independence, one might expect a jubilant celebration of our nation’s journey towards freedom and self-determination.

However, for many Malawians, this milestone is overshadowed by the harsh realities of economic hardship, government corruption, as if not enough depreciating of kwacha prompted soaring costs of basic necessities, such as staple food making life increasingly difficult for the average citizen.

The essence of democracy lies in the freedom to express one’s views without fear of retribution.

Yet, under President Lazarus Chakwera’s administration, this fundamental right is under threat,do we have freedom to celebrate.?

Citizens who dare to speak out against government actions face unlawful abductions and arrests , tell me do we have freedom to celebrate،?

The chilling effect on freedom of speech is palpable, as seen in the government’s response to discussions about the Chilima plane crash. Such actions betray the very principles of democracy.

If truth have to be said Chakwera’s speeches may be eloquent, but they are starkly contradicted by the actions of his government.

The use of police to abduct, arrest, and torture those who question the circumstances surrounding the late Vice President Chilima’s death is a grave injustice. This behavior undermines the trust and confidence that citizens should have in their leaders. How can we celebrate freedom when our president’s deeds do not align with his his words.

Government critics in our country face arrests and humiliations. Those who should be safeguarding our freedoms are instead stifling dissent and silencing voices of opposition. This oppressive environment raises a critical question: What freedom are we truly celebrating?

The tangible progress in our communities is minimal. Villages across Malawi remain largely unchanged from 60 years ago. Infrastructure, healthcare, education, and basic living conditions have seen little improvement.

The promise of independence has not translated into meaningful development or enhanced quality of life for the majority of Malawians.

As we reflect on 60 years of independence, it is clear that there is little to celebrate.

Our journey has been marred by economic mismanagement, corruption, social injustice, and a betrayal of democratic principles.

True freedom remains a distant dream for many Malawians who continue to endure hardship and oppression. It is time for a collective reevaluation of our nation’s path and a renewed commitment to genuine economic and democratic liberation. Only then can we hope to celebrate the true essence of freedom.

We need new ideological thinking in this country ,new blood with new genuine ideas which will economically transform lives of our people it is only then celebrating of our freedom will give a true meaning.

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