Saulos Chilima was a teacher and change maker

By Burnett Munthali 

In his eulogy, a family representative, Ben Chilima described the departed Saulos Chilima as a teacher and change maker.

Ben says the family is grateful for the support offered to them during this painful moment. 

He has also thanked all the people who helped to search for Chilima and others in Chikangawa Forest during that tragic plane crash.

“We want to say thank you to the clergy who gave us the support after the announcement of plane missing till the death of our brother. We are grateful to the pathologists who did the autopsy.

“As the family, we want to go further with the investigation with the incident that led to the plane crush and autopsy,”Chilima says.

He adds all the belongings that were with Chilima during the plane crash are now with the family.

Ben further says his brother passionately hated corruption and any of his family members using his name to get favours.

Vice President Saulos Chilima of Malawi has been widely regarded as a change maker due to his significant contributions and reforms aimed at transforming various sectors of the country. Since taking office in 2014, he has spearheaded several initiatives focused on improving governance, economic growth, and social development.

Overall, Vice President Saulos Chilima made significant strides as a change maker in Malawi, focusing on governance reform, economic development, youth empowerment, digital transformation, and environmental sustainability

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