Strategic Cabinet Reshuffle: A Path To National Healing, Reconciliation And 2025 Victory For Chakwera

Lyson Sibande writes

As President Chakwera prepares to appoint a new First Vice President, I strongly advise that he must also undertake a strategic cabinet reshuffle right now. The cabinet must be strategically realigned for reconciliation and healing of our grief-stricken and fragmented nation, and also for 2025 electoral victory. This requires that for once, Chakwera must act timely, decisively, and boldly.

On the Cabinet, the president must fire all ministers that do not have any political capital. Only ministers that have strategic political constituencies that can bring vital votes for 2025 must be maintained.

The new cabinet must include UTM leadership. Hon. Patricia Kaliati, Hon. Felix Njawala and the wife to the late Vice President, Mary Chilima must be given ministerial positions. The inclusion of key UTM figures in cabinet will be a crucial step towards the much-needed healing and reconciliation.

Additionally, by incorporating UTM leaders into government, Chakwera will show commitment towards transparency in the pending investigations into the tragic plane crash. UTM presence in the cabinet would allow them access to updates on the investigation, thereby increasing public trust in the process.

If the Chakwera’s administration had no involvement in the fateful crash, a transparent investigation endorsed by UTM leaders would help clear any suspicions and bolster the administration’s credibility. And Malawians will trust the investigation report if they know that UTM leaders including Mary Chilima were part of the government that released the report.

On the altered political landscape, inclusion of UTM into the cabinet would reintegrate the 1 million or so votes of UTM back into the MCP fold. Chakwera still needs UTM votes, and no one must fool him to think otherwise, especially now when UTM is likely to get all their sympathy votes to DPP. When that happens, Chakwera and MCP will have to pack their belongings and quickly leave State House.

On the appointment of the First Vice President, Chakwera must appoint a loyal MCP member. If he appoints someone from another party, God forbids, but if the office of President becomes vacant, MCP will lose government before 2025.

I, therefore, strongly propose that the new Vice President must be a loyal MCP member from the Southern Region to secure the MCP votes in the region for 2025. Hon Abida Mia is an excellent candidate for this role. Mia has significant influence in the Southern Region’s Lower Shire. She is a brilliant lady, hard worker and very good with grass root politics.

In the same regard of securing vote in the Southern Region to weaken the DPP stronghold, Chakwera must leverage on the constitutional provision of Section 80(5) which empowers the President of Malawi to appoint a Second Vice President where he deems it necessary for national interests. He must appoint Hon. Kondwani Nankhumwa of PDP into the office. While Nankhumwa is a weak candidate on presidential elections, he is powerful enough to split DPP votes in the Lhomwe-belt to the advantage of MCP in 2025.

In conclusion, with strategic cabinet reshuffle that incorporates UTM leaders into cabinet and Mia manning the lower shire, and an empowered Nankhumwa dismantling DPP in the Lhomwe-belt, Chakwera would not only have healed and reconciled the nation, but also positioned himself strategically for the 2025 victory with 50%+1 absolute majority.

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