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Military Expert Explains Where Russia is moving its MiG fighters, and why

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MiG-31 fighters can carry nuclear-capable hypersonic Kinzhal missiles (Photo:Tom_1982/Flickr) After the monitoring group Belarusian Hajun reported that three Russian MiG-31K fighters were leaving the territory of Belarus on April 6, Radio NV asked military expert and Ukrainian army reserve Colonel Roman Svitan why Russia is moving its aircraft around. These particular MiGs can carry nuclear-capable hypersonic Kinzhal missiles, which have a 2,000 kilometer range that covers the whole of Ukraine, and which Ukraine lacks the means to shoot down. Read also:  Satellite images show Russia deployed in Belarus warplanes that can launch Kinzhal missiles That means that whenever one is seen taking to the air in Belarus or nearby air bases in Russia, it triggers a countr...