The Concerned Citizens Furious With Chizuma’s Stubbornness

The concerned citizens group which is advocating for sanity in civil service have vowed to take drastic measures in responding to baseless resistance by the embattled Anti-Corruption Beaurea Director.

Martha Chizuma who exposed sensitive government information to the public through the leaked audio, continues to occupy the office of ACB director irrespective of numerous calls for her immediate step down.

Addressing the media during the press conference on the expiry of seven days ultimatum, the group leaders indicated their intention to take drastic measures in forcing for her amicable resignation.

Two significant actions were announced during the press conference. The holding of comprehensive Virgils at the parliamentary building . This will be followed by an anonymous visit to her office for undefined action.

Multitudes of Malawians have expressed interest to participate in the planned Virgils which will be starting this coming Friday 20 May ,2022. The leaked audio disclosed the secret business of government and tarnished the entire judiciary. This is very illegal and contrary to the oath of her office.

The office of ACB director is very instrumental in holding all stakeholders accountable to the public resources hence it can’t be managed by an individual who has completely lost her initial charisma .

As a law abiding citizen, Martha Chizuma should step down and let others proceed . Her future in this significant office has completely dwindled.

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