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The life of Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima

Moto owotha Gulu sumasonkha pakona

The hope is not lost yet, we have one person God chose to build for 10 years and then lead us to his promises. The man who has been persecuted enough for just being good, with goodwill to see Malawi change for better. I always, that Change in 2020 was very necessary for any mean Citizen, only that the change fell into the hands of wicked people of MCP who only saw it as an opportunity to steal and get rich

Dr Chilima wished Malawi well when he fought for that change in 2020 not knowing the MCP Kongelesi and Dr Chakwera had an ill intentions The Ndiwolotse mkakutafune syndrome but God new all this will happen and allowed it to happen for a reason.

This reminds me of Moses, he moved Israels away from Egypt but he never stepped foot into Canaan, God was preparing Joshua to do that for his people

When you fight a good man, the man God has chosen, you are bound to fail, you will never have your real face, your face is always down. You always present yourself with a FAKE smile while you are being eaten inside. I always say, if Chakwera was or is Real, today by this date he could have rise up against all what is happening to Dr Chilima, but alas, he is enjoying the show himself, he is happy that the Vice President is being tossed by his boys, the only sad thing is that he is not understanding why Chilima still has the ground running for him

Just imagine the sacrifices Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima and the UTM made to have Dr Chakwera and MCP be in Government today after failing themselves for 25 years? Just imagine Dr Chakwera failure to win twice in 2014 and 2019 and his term at MCP was over, he cud be nobody just like John Tembo of which Dr Kamuzu said he will never be a President? Now just imagine the likes of Mkaka Chimwendo zikhale Ng’oma, Gotana Hara, Harry Mkandawire without Chilima,

Where could these people be right now? But now, Dr Chakwera is watching his boys harassing Dr Chilima for helping them to be in Government. Now MCP Big necks have tested the Salt and they are on top of the game persecuting the man that helped them.

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