Unsafe abortions contributing 18% of maternal deaths.

14 women are said to be reporting to Bwaila Hospital in Lilongwe everyday seeking safe abortion services and this is true also at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre.

Speaking in an interview with Our News Platform Mw, Vice Chairperson for Coalition of Prevention of Unsafe Abortions(COPUA) Dr Amos Nyaka said the abominable act is being escalated by men reject responsibility, poverty among others.

He said in the absence of the TOP bill, women continue to face challenges through unsafe abortions.

He said the 2017 Malawi Unsafe Abortions report, indicated that 18% of Maternal deaths are due to unsafe abortions.

“Most women choose to go for unsafe ways of abortion due to the restrictive laws and this is claiming a lot of lives,” added Nyaka.

He has however expressed hope that if the bill is enacted it will reduce challenges that come due to unsafe abortions.

In a separate interview, Executive Director for center for Solutions Journalism, Brian Ligomeka emphasized on the need to civic educate the public on the negative and positive benefits of the Bill as most people feel enacting the bill will encourage people seek safe abortion services anyhow.

”At the moment people do not have adequate information about the bill as most of them think enacting the bill will give an opportunity to women and girls to seek the services without valid reasons which is not the case hence the need for more awareness,” said Ligomeka.

He has however expressed satisfaction with the progress made and pledged to continue supporting government until the bill is enacted.

Ligomeka has encouraged the media to always report true facts about safe abortions to prevent misleading people.

“Let’s use images and words that are appropriate to the story we are reporting on, we are the mouths of the people hence the need for us to serve them with nothing but the true facts about safe,” he said.

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