Friday, February 23

Malawians Happy With Pacific Limited Boreholes Rehabilitation Program

As one way of complementing government’s efforts in providing safe and clean water to the citizenry.
Pacific Limited has embarked on boreholes rehabilitation program and reached out nationwide to many constituencies in the country.
The objective of the borehole rehabilitation program is to fix and rehabilitate non functional boreholes throughout the country, going constituency by constituency and the program is still in progress since roll out in 2015.

Pacific limited in partnership with Members of Parliament from different political parties is doing commendable work. As Members of parliament their roles are to identify and locate non functional boreholes in their constituencies as well as provide local logistical support to the Pacific team while in their constituency.

Pacific limited has two teams which work in two different constituencies at the same time and within a month that are carrying out the borehole rehabilitation program and fix all the broken boreholes in those constituencies. On average 1,000 boreholes get fixed per annum.

The program has already benefited communities in different constituencies in the country, and so far more than 7000 out of the 20,000+ non functional boreholes have been rehabilitated through out the country as part of the company’s major corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Faisal Aboo

Effort to speak to the founder of the Pacific limited were fruitful. Mr Faizal Aboo said he is humbled at the massive impact this program has done towards the upliftment of people’s lives. Especially to those living in remote areas, they now have availability to clean drinkable water and save long hours in search of water. He also thanked the Honorable members of various constituencies as well as local village chiefs who supported Pacific Limited to reach remote villages. This task would not have been possible without their support.

Snap survey conducted in different communities and different constituencies in the remote areas indicates that citizenry used to rely on water drawn from a surrounding river where their livestock’s also directly quenches their thirst from, which was a risk of contracting waterborne. The cases of cholera and water Bourne diseases had significantly reduced in areas where pacific had fixed boreholes.

Pacific Borehole rehabilitation team at the site fixing a borehole

The coming of Pacific limited boreholes rehabilitation program has assisted citizenry to access clean water over a shorter distance. More than a 100 constituencies in all the four regions of the country and over 7000 Boreholes have benefited from this borehole rehabilitation initiative under the Pacific Boreholes to date.

The Rehabilitation Project rolled out in late 2015 and fixes boreholes for free with the guidance of chiefs and members of Parliament.

Singing and dancing from people of Chitsulo village after 7 yrs without clean water

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