Ichocho Security Business Licence Revoked

The ministry of homeland security has confirmed the revocation of a license by Ichocho power security.

This follows a directive from minister responsible Ken Zikhale Ng’oma after a video that is making rounds on social media in which the company’s leader alleged that they had kidnapped a son of one of renowned lawyers, Jai Banda, Tonderai.

Further, the clip says the kidnap is because Jai did not want to represent the company in a particular case, bordering on its operations.

However, some videos show Tonderia and the company leader subtly describing the clip as a form of publicity stunt.

spokesperson of homeland security, Patrick Botha said they have revoked the license on the basis that the company has violated some of the conditions of their license in the belief that contents of the video pose a threat to national security.

Meanwhile the Forum for National Development through Fryson Chodzi, its National coordinator has asked for the decision to be rescinded on a view held that the minister does not have such powers. #mijnews #malawinews #malawi
-Joseph Mphiya-

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