Saturday, February 24


President Dr Lazarus Chakwera says it’s been 22 months since he made an oath to protect Malawi and its citizens.

“Up to this day am still respecting this pledge I made to Malawians,” said Dr Chakwera.

Dr Chakwera said the World Press Freedom Day reminds him of his pledge to preserve and defend the Constitution referring to Section 36 of the Constitution that accords media freedom.

The Malawi leader urged the media to avoid defaming people or castigating them on social media willy-nilly as that erodes and defeats the principles of good journalism.

Dr Chakwera said he recognises some archaic laws that criminalise some media freedoms saying it’s the duty of this generation to champion changes through Parliament.

He emphasised that journalists should desist from partaking in corruption agendas that sometimes make them write negative stories without tangible proof. He then advised members of the media to uphold ethics the profession demands.

Currently, members of the media are having breakfast with the First Couple at State House, in Lilongwe.

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