Thursday, February 22

NICE embark on familiarization of Malawi 2063

By: Mphatso M’bang’ombe

National Initiative for civic education (NICE) Public Trust organized a one-day training at Kalonga Health post in Dowa district for the citizen forum members.

The training targeted citizen forum members in the area of traditional Authority Dzoole. This training is one of the the planned interventions carried out in the district and implemented by NICE Public trust.

Speaking during the training Dowa District Civic education officer (DCEO) Alinafe Chikakuda said the training will help the Citizen forum members to understand more about Malawi Vision 2063 and how to disseminate information about Malawi Vision 2063 in their respective areas of jurisdictions.

Chikakuda called on the participants to take the training seriously with a view of enhancing citizens understanding of Malawi 2063 and it’s enablers. Chikakuda also said that the communities need to change their mindset for the country to to benefit and fulfil the agendas.

In a separate interview, Velentina Samuel vice secretary for Kalonga citizen forum thanked the organization for capacitating the Citizen members which will also help the communities to know more about Malawi 2063 and participate in activities that will help the country to achieve it’s goals.

Velebrina also asked the organization to conduct more awareness meeting in the district with view of making sure that gate keepers takes the leading role in the achievement of the Agenda 2063.

NICE Public Trust is implementing these activities in all the districts with funding from the Government of Malawi.

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