ESCOM Announces TID

Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) has announced a Token Identifier Project (TID) to reconfigure all its customer electricity prepaid meters.

TID is the inbuilt unique security code contained in the 20 digit token customers get when they purchase electricity.

It will be reconfigured on all of the 537,000 prepaid meters across the country at the end of its 31.9 years, calculated from a base date of 1993, in November 2024.

Escom Chief Operations Officer Maxwell Mulimakwenda has told journalists in Blantyre that the project, which commences on 1 June this year, is in sync with international standards.

Mulimakwenda says prepaid meter that will not be upgraded by 24 November 2024 will cease to dispense electricity once units run out.

“This is why this project is critical to our customers to continue using using electricity beyond November 2024,” Mulimakwenda said.

Escom is now set to conduct campaigns aimed at sensitising the general public on the initiative.

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