Zikhale Getting Overwhelming MCP Veep Endorsements


It is a momentous occasion for the followers of the ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP) as the campaign for leadership positions continues gaining ground, delegates from all corners of country’s party structures expects to gather and choose their new leaders.

With the party leader, Lazarus Macarthy Chakwera seemingly having no contender in the presidential race, the air is getting charged with excitement and anticipation as candidates vying for the top positions starts expressing their intentions to serve the party in various positions, outlining their vision for the future.

Among the names of candidates joining the fray, getting popular to contest for the seat on the MCP Vice President is that of Dr. Kenneth Zikhale Ng’oma, the Director of Strategic Planning who is the Minister of Homeland Security, a well-respected figure within the party, known for his dedication and hard work who resonates with the crowd, stirring them to their very core.

Meanwhile, after thorough consultations and scrutiny of all the interested candidates, the followers of the MCP from all its political regions are overwhelmingly endorsing Zikhale for the position of Vice President despite two other notable candidates namely; Vitumbiko Mumba and Catherine Gotani Hara having already shown interest to contest on the same position, Zikhale stands out as the clear favourite, with his vision for the party striking a chord with the delegates.

“Definitely as the votes will be cast and the results tallied, Zikhale will emerge victorious, the convention hall will erupt into cheers and applause following an announcement of the new Vice President of the Malawi Congress Party, knowing that we have at last made the right choice, confident that Zikhale will alongside Chakwera will lead the party to new heights,” said a delegate from Likoma Island.

Another party leader from Karonga Districts said, while some candidates are busy trying to split the MCP delegates with their selfish campaign propaganda it remains undisputable that it is only Zikhale who will uniting the party, reaching out even to those who opposed his candidacy, working to bring them on board championing a leadership style calling for politics of inclusivity and transparency, earning him the trust and respect of all those around him.

“Under Zikhale’s guidance as Director of Strategic Planning, the Malawi Congress Party has flourished following his strategic planning skills which has brought a sense of purpose and direction, with his experience ensuring that it is well-equipped to deal with any challenge that comes its way to our pride, it will be more appropriate having him as Vice President, knowing that with Zikhale second in command, the future of the MCP will be bright,” he said.

As Zikhale continues to inspire, his popularity grows, the followers continues making their choices in endorsing him for the position of Vice President, they looked towards the future, filled with hope and optimism, knowing that with Zikhale by their side, the MCP will continue to thrive and prosper.

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