Tuesday, February 27

Some Police Officers Arrested” Over Arrest And Torture Of CCC Activist Madzibaba Veshanduko

The Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services has said some police officers have been arrested over the arrest and torture of Godfrey Karembera, an activist of opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) popularly known as Madzibaba Veshanduko due to his yellow garments and stuff.

Madzibaba Veshanduko was arrested on Thursday in the Harare CBD apparently for wearing yellow, according to his lawyers.

He was “severely” assaulted whilst in police custody, pictures showing wounds on his back were circulated on social media.

In its update on the case, the information Ministry said some officers had been arrested but did not give more information. Read the update:

As part of their investigation into allegations of ill treatment of a suspect in custody, some police officers have been arrested. We will release more information when it becomes available.

Earlier, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) claimed that Madzibaba Veshanduko was arrested for using abusive language to Police officers who were trying to stop him from conducting unauthorised political activities.

Madzibaba Veshanduko has been a regular face at CCC rallies to mobilise support ahead of 26 March by-elections and 2023 harmonised elections.

His arrest comes as political leaders of various parties are calling for peace and tolerance, calls which are proving to be in rhetoric.

The increasing cases of violence are worrisome since the country is gearing for elections.

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