Wednesday, February 28

PRISAM calls on private schools to register with MoE for quality education provision

By Benadetta C. Mia

Private schools Association of Malawi-PRISAM has called on private owned schools to register with the Ministry of Education to spearhead quality education service provision.

Amon Jason Ntafya-President for PRISAM-made the call during an interface meeting with private school officials from Bangwe township in Blantyre.

Ntafya said most private schools currently in operation, are not registered with the Ministry of Education and a number of them do not have MANEB centers.

“We want to mobilize private schools to register with the Ministry of Education Science and Technology, because only then will they be able to take up on concerns being raised at the moment.
As PRISAM, our aim is to uplift small schools and help them grow, so once they are members, we will help them to acquire registration with the Ministry.” Said Ntafya

Ntafya has since urged private schools to register with the ministry in order to complement government’s efforts in providing quality education and to allow their learners to sit for examinations as internal candidates.

Echoing Ntafya, Dr. Ernest Kawonga, Chair for the Board of Trustees for Private schools Association of Malawi -underscored the need for private schools to register with PRISAM in order to work hand in hand in establishing a vibrant sector for Private education service provision.

According to Kawonga, PRISAM as a mother body has been revamped to provide checks and balances to institutions governing private schools such as the Independent Schools Association of Malawi-ISAMA.

“We need to have a mouthpiece, something which can be standing for us when there are challenges. PRISAM as a mother body is here to provide checks and balances as well as ensure private education service providers are well represented at national level to spearhead their work”. Said Kawonga

On her part, Anne Malemia-Director for Safe Haven Academy situated in Blantyre commended PRISAM for the meeting saying it has provided hope for private schools of having a body to represent act as their mouthpiece at national level in addressing challenges the sector is facing.

“After the engagement with PRISAM officials, I for one am very delighted because a lot has been elaborated, they have explained a lot of things and given us hope on the challenges that we are currently facing.

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