Wednesday, February 28

How Has The Western Destroyed Africa

How the west lead to improvished africa
In recent years, attention has been drawn to the extreme poverty that exist in many African nations. Globalization has only exuburated the gap betweern the Western world and developing countries; nations such as the US, and Britian continue to grow, while progress in these the third world are virtually stagnate. The unstable political and economic systems that led to the extreme poverty these African nations face are a result of Africa’s long and corrupt history, starting with colonization of Africa by the west. The colonization of Africa led to the formation of independent African states. This division led to corrupt governments, exploitation of natural resources, and a lack of economic development

In the coup of Liberian president Samuel Doe, the rebel forces were paid millions of dollars by Firestone to help protect their interests during the transition of power. This led to the rise of power of Charles Taylor and started the First Liberian Civil War. Big business, like Firestone, tends to corrupt Africa’s political systems.

Some government official even extort money from the government leading to the a lack of development economically in many African countries. Mobutu is a prime example of western influence that led to extreme corruption and poverty in the nation of Zaire. Joseph-Désiré Mobutu came into power of Zaire in 1965 by staging a coup of the government with support from the US, as well as other western European countries. Mobutu continued to dictate over the country for 35 more years managing to steal a third of the countries revenue and continue to steal money even when Zaire was at the brink of callaspe. Mobutu was unconcerned with the betterement of his nation and that almost led to Zaire’s fall. Though Africa is full of natural resources due to this kind of corruption many African nations are studded in their economic and political growth and still lack a sufficient infrastructure, education, and healthcare system. Without these basic nessecities it is impossible to keep africans out

Corruption that has led to an impoverished Africa. Despite the excess of natural resource and indefinite potential Africa continues to be poorest continent in the world. One in three people who live in sub saharan african are undernoursihed, less than 20% of women have access to education and 83% of the worlds refugees reside in Africa

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