23 Arrested Suspicion To Disrupt Cdedi Vigils

Police in Lilongwe have arrested 23 people on suspicion that they wanted to disrupt CDEDI protest underway at Capital Hill where government offices are housed.

The minibus carrying the 23 people who were being led by Agape Khombe, was stopped at the main gate of Capital Hill

The police were tipped by Sylvester Namiwa of CDEDI who said that he had information that two buses were coming full of people to disrupt the vigil so as to tarnish the image of CDEDI.

A few minutes after the tip-off, a Mazda Bongo registration number CP1709 was stopped as it was trying to enter Capital Hill’s main gate.

Upon being questioned the people in the bus said that they were invited for some piece work where they would be gathering rocks where he, Agape Khombe, was building.

The police officer in charge of the operation, Assistant superintendent Ashani Dzanjalimodzi, ordered the people out of the bus because their responses were incoherent. They have since been take to Lingadzi Police Station for further questioning.

When alerting the police, Namiwa said that he was sharing the information because he didn’t want anyone to tarnish their good deeds during the vigil.

Said Namiwa, “I am sharing this information because I don’t want to start speaking after things have already happened. We would actually look foolish if we allow this to happen without alerting the police.”

Namiwa said that he was happy that the police responded to his tip with sobriety.

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