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Are Refugees Really taking over Malawi? Area 25 In Lilongwe Fully Occupied By Refugees

Lilongwe to be named Refugees City

The open letter to Malawi Government

Malawi Freedom Network understands and a number of other recent articles on the issue of refugees in Malawi have caused citizenry great concern. These writings are often stripped of facts and isolated from any context.

In Mozambique there was war and Malawi received more Mozambicans refugees in the country when war ceased in Mozambique all refugees returned to their homeland peacefully, in Burundi there was war and Malawi received refugees and the war in Burundi ceased and there is peace in Burundi but Burundi refugees are not returning back to their homeland peacefully, Alas now Burundi is a peace loving country but Malawi still receiving influx of foreign Burundians daily rather than the time their country was war, we mean the foreign Burundians entering boarders of Malawi doubles 70% in Malawi they to come to dzaleka then scattered everywhere in Malawi moving free and doing there businesses without any interruption, indeed Malawi is a peace and loving country, our politicians are in love of money they don’t care selling their warm heart Africa to foreigners provided they receive money and eat with their families,
Now foreigners are everywhere in Malawi, operating business, moving everywhere without any problems, they are marrying our sisters and give us childrens, they are getting our IDs very fast without any problems provided they got money in Malawi everything simple provided if there is money and life is good,
The research indicates that refugees have occupied different cities in the country like in Lilongwe area 25 is fully occupied by the refugees and soon will be named refugees area and Lilongwe to be name refugees city,
In area 25 report indicates 65 % landlords are Burundians and in two years to come no Malawian will own a land,

When Malawians go to Mozambique they can’t walk 4 kilometres without questioned by the Mozambicans police and sent back but in Malawi Burundians move everywhere and our law enforcers they use them as acow for milk, indeed in Malawi money talks,
In two years to come Malawians will be refugees in their own country,
God bless Malawi

Malawi is receiving refugees, it is shouldering the weight alone. Today Malawi hosts 30 refugees in every 599 citizens, and number are increasing changing daily, Uganda the figure

The Great Lakes region of Africa does not make the headlines as much as it used to, but daily life consist of unreported fighting, and institutionalized human rights abuse. Usually these are motivated by ethnic/political affiliation or violent suppression of freedom of expression.

The rumour that refugees are a security threat to any country is a common rhetoric used to divert attention away from internal causes of crime The argument that refugees hold guns is simply a fact.

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