Atupele Muluzi Ready to Develop Malawi

The former Presidential candidate and Former President of the United Democratic Front (UDF) party Atupele Muluzi says Malawi has all what it takes to be a stable and vibrant economy.

Writing on his official Facebook wall, Muluzi says it only needs wise leadership for the country to progress.

Muluzi said the current administration is failing to deliver because it has no solid economic development plan and strategy that is inclusive.

“I passionately believe that with the right leadership, a solid economic development plan and strategy that is inclusive and equal to ALL, Malawi will Rise,” Muluzi said.

Muluzi hints on forming a leadership that will not focus on personal gains but driving the country forward.

“The next step forward will not be about an individual but finding solutions together on how we can transform our economy and eradicate poverty,” he said.

Recently, Atupele Muluzi announced quiting active politics BUT there is a strong projection that he will rescind his decision and gun for power in 2025.

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