Beit Cure Partners NBM To Host Night To Shine

Beit Cure International Hospital has partnered with the National Bank of Malawi (NBM) in a night-to-shine event scheduled for 10 February 2023.

The event which will take place at Beit Cure Hospital in Blantyre is aimed at honouring and celebrating people with disabilities.

NBM has donated K4.75 million towards the event. Speaking during the signing ceremony of the partnership in Blantyre, Executive Director for Beit Cure, Elly Chemey, said the event will showcase the importance of people with disabilities in society.

“Beit Cure is committed to restoring hope among people with disabilities hence our commitment to give them a night to shine”. Chemey said.

For her part, Akossa Hiwa, Corporate and Marketing Manager for NBM said assisting people with disabilities is one of their social responsibilities.

She said people with disabilities are like any other person and can contribute to the social economic development of a country if empowered and incorporated into society.

The event will see about 50 people with disabilities and their relations being treated.

Established in 2002 in Malawi, Beit Cure International Hospital performs over 1,200 life-changing reconstructive and orthopaedic surgeries each year for people suffering from treatable disabilities mostly children.

Since its establishment in Malawi, the hospital has conducted surgeries on over 29,400 children countrywide.

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