Bush fires affecting Water Boards- Minister

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Minister of Water and Sanitation, Abida Mia has said uncontrolled bushfires and wanton cutting down of trees have greatly affected production of enough and quality water by water boards across the country.

Speaking during a tree planting exercise organised by Southern Region Water Board (SRWB) at its Mulunguzi River catchment, Mia said bare grounds reduce possibilities of soil to retain water and this lowers underground water thus, affecting water production.

The minister therefore called upon communities particularly those along the water catchment areas to avoid setting up bush fires as well as cutting down trees unnecessarily.

“Malawians should embrace the use of briquettes and gas cookers to protect trees. Our communities also need to be trained in setting up small scale businesses to help them stop plundering of our natural forests,” she said.

Mia therefore hailed the board for taking responsibility of protecting its water source by panting trees.

SRWB Board Chairperson, Brown Mpinganjira said the board would continue to watch over its water source and protect it by among other activities, planting more trees.

Mpinganjira called upon the chiefs to safeguards forests for sustainable water source.

During the exercise, which was also joined by the Malawi Defense force, over 2,000 trees were planted.

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