Castel Malawi under fire over rust in beer bottles

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Imbibers in the country have criticized Castel Malawi Limited for using substandard crowns in some of its products such as Castel, Green, Special and Chill resulting in rust on bottles.

The development has attracted mixed reactions with many threatening to stop purchasing the said products.

Reacting to the development Castel Malawi Limited has promised to launch an investigation on the matter.

“We at Castel Malawi Group would like to advise our customers, consumers and the general public that we have noted with great concern the rusting that has affected some our bottles in the market. As such we have deployed all available resources to understand the cause of the issue and mitigate the situation,” reads in part the statement from Castel Malawi Limited.

But Malawians have trashed this on social media.

Phiri Nazarite Mada wrote: “You know the cause, and you didn’t didn’t do the standard test on the crowns. In short poor quality supply of crowns, they can’t withstand corrosion.”

Concurring with Phiri’s remarks Brian Chintendere wrote: “Your busy using substandard crowns and your busy to establish the cause, what a nonsense.”

Another concerned citizen Isaac Ganyavu wrote: “Castel has always been associated with low quality and lack of commitment to improve.

“When are you selling your beverage subsidiary to Coca-Cola so that we resume enjoying soft drinks.

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