Chief Sitola Suspended

Senior Chief Sitola of Machinga district has been suspended from discharging his duties with immediate effect, Paramount Chief Kawinga has confirmed.

The development comes following Qadria Muslim Association of Malawi (QMAM) Machinga Chapter’s request to the district council and Chief Kawinga to remove Sitola from his position over his alleged tendency of compromising religious matters.

Machinga District QMAM general secretary Abdur Hameed Shaib said: “For the past 10 years the chief has been, among others, involved in closing mosques and Madrasas, chasing sheikhs and demanding money for the construction of mosques in his area. This prompted us to demand for his removal.”

Chief Kawinga revealed that all the concerned parties have been informed about the development, including the Ministry of Local Government, the Judiciary and the council.

Meanwhile, Group village head Sitola has been appointed as interim Chief until family members appoint a person as the new Chief,” said Kawinga.

He has further advised traditional leaders in the country to focus on their duties and refrain from compromising religious agendas.

Meanwhile, Group village headman Sitola has confirmed to have received a letter of appointment as an interim chief.

Former Chief Sitola refused to comment on the matter.

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