Chikwawa outgoing DC, Ali Phiri crowned man of the people as he bids farewell

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By: John Hussein Mtamba

On December 23, government officers, interns, Non-Governmental Organizations officials, officers from various companies and chiefs led by Paramount Chief Lundu in Chikwawa district gathered at Press Cane Club House to bid farewell to the District Commissioner (DC), Ali Phiri.

Many people who patronized the party, described Phiri who served Chikwawa district council since October 2019 as a man of the people.

As drinks of all types and snacks were being served, speakers at the party further hailed him for his decisiveness to ensure work ethics were at the centre of everyone’s daily routine works.

Councilor Khofati Malunga who is the council’s Chairperson described Phiri’s exit from Chikwawa as a big loss saying he was approachable, development oriented, humble, visionary and a good advisor to many.

Councilor Clement Kamoto who served as Chikwawa district council Chairperson from 2019-2020 said he worked with several DCs but none reached Phiri’s caliber.

Kamoto added that not only will Phiri be missed by the people in working class but even those in typical villages as he used also to visit them physically to better understand their issues.

Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP), Diocesan Secretary, Lewis Msiyadundu, said since its birth, Chikwawa district council has never had a DC like Phiri whom he said was instrumental in changing the landscape of the district.

“If there was a chance to decide whether to transfer the DC or not, we would all go for a big NO!,” said Malawi Red Cross Society, Coordinator for Chikwawa, Yasinta Namacha adding that Phiri supported all NGOs for development purpose apart from being open to everyone for projects progress.

Principal Administrative Officer under Chikwawa district council, Allan Kazembe said the DC worked well with his officers no matter one’s position and that he mentored many.

“He was talented on handling issues from the bottom to top. He could handle very sensitive issues in a simple manner,” Kazembe said

In his remarks, Phiri who has served in various councils as DC for 20 years hailed the officers who patronized his farewell party for the love shown to him over the years he has been DC for Chikwawa district council.

He further called on everyone to continue with their hardworking spirits and to also give a warm welcome to the new DC.

Ali Phiri is being deployed as Deputy Director in the Ministry of Transport and Public Works, Lilongwe.

Some notable achievements under his reign as DC Chikwawa include; renovation of the district council offices, development of the District Development Plan (DDP), Social Economic Profile (SEP), promotion of some junior staffers and recruitment of others according to a report from the office of the Chief Administrative Officer.

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