Chimulambe says access to clean water is catalyst for socio-economic development

By Vincent Gunde

Principal Secretary for Water and Sanitation Ministry Elias Chimulambe, says access to clean and reliable water is not just a basic necessity, it is a catalyst for socio-economic development.

Chimulambe said the Salima-Lilongwe Water Project holds the potential to transform lives, improve health, and create opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Speaking on Tuesday during the stakeholder’s awareness meeting in Dowa, Chimulambe said water is a fundamental element of life and ensuring its sustainable availability, is a shared responsibility that requires collaborative efforts.

Chimulambe said the Salima-Lilongwe Water Project stands as a testament to the dedication and commitment of all stakeholders involved in addressing the water needs of the communities of Salima, Dowa and Lilongwe.

He said the project is the beginning of a journey towards a better and more sustainable future for the people of Dowa, Salima and Lilongwe urging all stakeholders to actively engage, share insights, and work hand in hand towards the successful implementation of the project.

The PS expressed hope that the stakeholder’s collective efforts will undoubtedly share the future of water accessibility in the three districts of Dowa, Salima and Lilongwe.

“I am confident that with the dedication of each stakeholder present, we will overcome challenges, celebrate achievements, and contribute to building resilient and sustainable communities,” said Chimulambe.

He said the project will support Salima town and its surrounding areas, Katengeza Maweru, Mvera, Chezi, Chankhungu and other areas along the Salima-Lilongwe Road and also will benefit Central Region Water Board (CRWB) and Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) where its beneficiaries will be provided with the services.

The PS then, thanked President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera for his dynamic wisdom and leadership for making it sure that the Salima-Lilongwe Water Project be another milestone development to the country.

The Malawi Parliament approved a bill for government to borrow money from the public, 100 percent Salima-Lilongwe Water Project is financed by Malawians and will be implemented by Khato Civils and South Zambezi Joint venture for 24 months to the tune of 315 million US Dollars.

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